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Aura K

Caloi Aura K Conference Seating

  • Conference chair
  • Fixed or tip-up seat
  • Black or grey plastics
  • Upholstered seat and backrest
  • Accessories: armrests, writing tablet, linking system
Comfort V

Caloi Comfort V Conference Seating

  • Conference seating
  • Tip-up seat by gravity. Standard height: 100 cm
  • Accessories: wooden armrests, backrest panel, numbering for place and row
Giada Auditorium chairGiada

Caloi Giada ASC Auditorium Seating

  • Auditorium seating.
  • Tip-up seat by gravity. Available with legs or with beam structure with central base.
  • Accessories: wooden armrest , anti-panic writing tablet , backrest wooden panel , numbering places and row
Gonzaga GGonzaga G

Caloi Gonzaga G Theatre Seating

  • Theatre seating.
  • Tip-up seat by gravity. Wooden armrests varnished.
  • Accesories: anti-panic writing tablet. Backrest low panel. Row and places numbering
Gonzaga TGonzaga T

Caloi Gonzaga T Theatre Seating

  • Theatre seats with tip-up set by gravity.
  • Wooden armrests.
  • Accessories: under-seat wooden panel – backrest wooden panel – rows and places numbering

Caloi Gonzaga Theatre Seating

  • Theatre seating with tip-up seat by gravity.
  • Accessories: under-seat wooden panel, wooden backrest, wooden armrests, wooden sides, anti-panic writing tablet, numbering for places and rows.

Caloi Movia Conference Seating

  • Conference seating
  • Synchronised closing system for back and seat. On beam structure. Black polyurethane armrests.
  • Accessories: anti-panic writing tablet – place and row numbering
Simplex 2Simplex 2

Caloi Simplex 2 Cinema Seating

  • Cinema seats.
  • Our cinema seatings are top-level for design, comfort, technology.
  • Cold moulded foam, metallic structure, reclining seat by gravity, use of solid wood are some of the characteristics that can be found in our range. Tests of resistance and acoustics certify our quality.
Simplex XSimplex X

Caloi Simplex X Conference Seating

  • Conference seat with tip-up seat by gravity.
  • Black polyurethane armrests.
  • Accessories: wooden armrests – standard writing tablet – upholstered side – place and row numbering