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Gyro Tables Base


Product code: Gyro

Gyro table bases are unlike any other stable table solution due to the self-stabilising feature being cleverly built into its design. Lab and field performance tested since 2007. Gyro’s functionality is already proven and assures you will no longer need add-on gizmos, wedges, or feet that adjust to stabilise your hospitality furniture.

Its self-adjusting base can level surfaces up to an unbeatable 45mm, which is why Gyro is known as the 4WD of table bases because its self-stabilising mechanism really can tackle almost any terrain.

Gyro claims the title of being The Total Solution because its design engineers did not stop at solving table wobbles. Gyro is also made from replaceable and easily repairable components and is designed not to be a throwaway item.  Whether used indoors or outdoors, Gyro’s non-corrosive metal guarantees the self-stabilising mechanism will not cease and so guarantees longevity.

Its Fold-Flat Technology is an additional clever solution meaning set-up is a breeze and storage is maximised. Gyro table bases outshine all competitors on innovation and performance, and this is why Gyro really is The Total Solution for hospitality furniture.

Confidently place hospitality furniture almost anywhere in the knowledge that Gyro’s self-stabilising table base mechanism will solve any uneven surface problems. You can now fearlessly set-up or change table arrangements, and enjoy fewer spills and customer complaints.


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